FAQ-I SheetTopic: Bo Jackson
APA Entry: EDITORIAL: In this case, Bo does know best_(1 page)_
Facts (with page #s)

Arguments (how might you use these facts to accomplish your purpose?)

Questions (what do those facts make you wonder?)

Integrations (what genres might you use to incorporate this into your project?)

Jackson's "Bo Bikes Bama" campaign ended Saturday having raised nearly $450,000 for tornado relief for the April 27 storms. Fittingly, it ended not in Jackson's Auburn but in Tuscaloosa, where more than 50 people died in the 2011 storms.
Countless stories of goodwill and assistance have poured in during the tornadoes' anniversary. Jackson reminded us that at times like this, the Tide and Tigers are all members of the same family.
I would like to use facts just for the purpose of showing how Bo is a good-hearted guy. He loves his state and tried his best to get everyone to come together to help raise money for the victims of devastating storms in Alabama.
How many people followed Bo during his campaign to raise money?
Does he do things like this often or was this just a one time thing?
Interview, Persuasive essay.