FAQ-I SheetTopic: Bo Jackson
APA Entry: BO KNEW EVERYTHING: [SPORTS FINAL Edition] Hinckley, David. New York Daily News [New York, N.Y] 11 Jan 2004: 4.
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As an outfielder for Kansas City, Vincent Edward Jackson was the MVP of baseball's All-Star game.
In football, where he won the college Heisman Trophy in 1985, he only played four pro seasons, with no more than 11 games in any one.
That same year, 1989, was also his best baseball season. He hit 32 homers, drove in 105 runs and had a slugging percentage of .495.
In 1989 he carried 173 times for 950 yards,
Show how well he performed in both sports in just one year.
He won the greatest award possible for a college football player.
How many days out of the year would he practice?
Did he practice for football or baseball more when he was playing both professionally?
Did the sports ever overlap into each other? And if so what would he?
Brochure, News Article, Persuasive Essay.