FAQ-I SheetTopic: _Bo Jackson_
APA Entry:
_DINNER AT BO's Hyman, Jordan. Sports Illustrated102. 15 (Apr 11, 2005): 34.
Facts (with page #s)

Arguments (how might you use these facts to accomplish your purpose?)

Questions (what do those facts make you wonder?)

Integrations (what genres might you use to incorporate this into your project?)

To keep young Bo out of trouble, his mother, Florence Jackson Bond, used to sit him in a tiny red rocking chair in her kitchen while she prepared meals (page 34)
"It was either watch General Hospital or watch her cook," Jackson says. "I paid more attention to watching her cook, and that's how I got the bug." (page 34)
Show Bo’s hobbies outside of sports and how he got into them.
Why did Bo’s mom have to make sure he got out of trouble?
How good of a cook is Bo?
From what age did Bo’s mom sit him down and make him watch her cook?
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