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Years later, Bo still knows: 2-sport great returning to scene of All-Star glory
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"I hear people say, 'Don't go up and talk to him, because he's an ---hole," Jackson says. "I actually like that, because I know nobody's going to bother me."
Bo Jackson pulls into the parking lot of the fitness center he owns in a black Cadillac Escalade with a license plate that reads "Broke."
Jackson redefined the modern athlete and is the only person to be an All-Star in professional baseball and an all-pro in football
"I was still going crazy at the sound of that bat speed," NL pitcher Rick Sutcliffe says. "I had never heard anything like it before. I've never heard anything like it again.
"My No. 1 goal is to keep my train on the track," Jackson says
I like how he is honest and strait up says he rather not be bothered. It shows what kind of person he is but not in a bad way
I also like how he is strait up with who he is, he has a license plate the says broke so he shows no shame.
He was the only person to be an all-star in two sports which is a great fact.
Him saying that his number one goal is to keep his train on the right track is a rare statement you won’t get from many athletes. You will mostly hear them say they want to succeed or make money but Bo just wanted to stay who he originally is and not change or get effected by change.
What drives him to show no shame in who he may be now?
Why would he prefer to not be bothered then to keep the hype going on who Bo is known to be?
How big of a deal is it to him that he is a dual sport all-star?
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