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TELEVISION REVIEW; For Bo, playing was enough; A documentary explores the life and phenomenal but brief career of Bo Jackson.
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Such was the depth and the beauty of his play, we are told, that even when he struck out it was worth watching. "He did something every day that you had not seen before," (page 1)
But there was a moral element to his heroism, as well. He turned down a quarter-million dollars from the New York Yankees to join the team straight out of high school because he wanted to go to college. (page 1)
He ended his career at 32 with a minimum of fuss; he woke up one morning, he recalls, and said, "I'm going to retire this afternoon." (page 1)
Shows that Bo always wanted to be watched and even if he struck out or didn’t get a good run it was worth waiting because he was so great.
Shows that Bo wasn’t just in it for the money. He turned down the Yankees because he wanted to get a degree from college.
He ended his career at 32 on a quick decisions but is a big reason why he created and continuously living legend.
How did he have such a big impact on fans that they wouldn’t even get mad if he struck out?
Was he really worth watching that nobody ever wanted to miss one of his runs or at-bats?
What made him decide he wanted to retire and why in such a quick decision?
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