FAQ-I SheetTopic: _Bo Jackson_
APA Entry:
Sports Illustrated. 6/30/2003, Vol. 98 Issue 26, p66. 5p. 4 Color Photographs, 3 Black and White Photographs.
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Bo has always liked wild critters. Likes to hunt them and fish them and eat them. One of his great joys is being the owner with 12 other men of a private, 700-acre hunting preserve in northern Indiana, where, as he says, "I can sit with the guys and cuss, drink, scratch and fart, and nobody cares." (page 66)
"Hell, yeah. Rabbit, deer, turkey, alligator, elk, wild pig, pheasant, ducks, geese, all of it. I'll eat anything, if it don't eat me." (page 66)
Nobody was supposed to play two pro sports. Not back then. That was the juice behind the famous "Bo knows" cross-training shoe commercials (page 66)
Bo was also interested in sports that most people wouldn’t typically categorize as a sport.
He enjoyed hunting and found that as his free time from the world.
This is where Bo escaped reality and got to relax and enjoy himself doing his favorite hobby.
Back when Bo played both sports it was extremely rare. It was basically unheard of which shows how great he really was.
It starts to make me wonder what kind of sport Bo couldn’t succeed in?
Was he able to be successful at anything he tried?
Out of all the hobbies and sports he participated in what was his favorite to do?
Journal Article, Persuasive Essay, Diary