FAQ-I SheetTopic: _Bo Jackson_
APA Entry:
_Sports Illustrated. 6/30/2003, Vol. 98 Issue 26, p66. 5p. 4 Color Photographs, 3 Black and White Photographs.___
Facts (with page #s)
Arguments (how might you use these facts to accomplish your purpose?)
Questions (what do those facts make you wonder?)
Integrations (what genres might you use to incorporate this into your project?)
That was the juice behind the famous" Bo knows" cross-training shoe commercials, which showed this muscular genius engaged in everything from baseball to cycling to tennis to guitar-playing. (page 66)
the natural who won the Alabama high school decathlon after teaching himself to pole-vault in one day and after observing a kid throw the discus, then tossing it more than 140 feet himself, without a spin (page 66)
he came back to play more baseball, even cranking a homer in his first at bat after 19 months away from the game. (page 66)
Use these facts to show his love for the sports besides from the ones he played professionally.
Show how quick of a learner he was when it came to sports.
Discuss his return to sports after he was injured, and how he was still able to play great after being injured
How was he able to be so good at a sport after teaching himself how to do it in just one day?
What kind of rehabilitation did he go through that made him able to come back and still be successful?
Announcement, Speech, Storyboard.