FAQ-I SheetTopic: _Bo Jackson_
APA Entry:
Newsweek. 3/30/2009, Vol. 153 Issue 13, p13-13. 2/5p. (Interview)
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In his heyday, Jackson was the subject of Nike's classic "Bo Knows ..." ad campaign
A fluke hip injury effectively ended his career in 1991, but his legend lives on.
He just signed on as a director at the recently opened Burr Ridge Bank and Trust near his home in suburban Chicago. He's off to a fiscally prudent start.
“Everyone says that. But it's actually a great time to be starting a bank. We're brand-new, with a clean slate. We didn't get caught up in all the mortgage mess. We're not even giving out mortgages. We're trying to get banking back to where it used to be, where you walk in and the teller knows your name.”
The Bo Knows ads were an example of how everyone looked up to Bo in his prime.
His injury shocked many people but the legend of him is still not forgotten two decades later.
Bo decided to go into banking in 2009. A time where the economy was down but he was determined to bring back the original style of banking.
He was determined in sports and as he grew older he was also open to trying to new things outside of his sport life.
Were the Bo Knows ads really a big hit when they were being aired?
How did Bo decide to get into banking?
Was his banking career a success and is he still continuing in that career?
Interview, because this resource is an interview.
Timeline, showing all of career decisions throughout his life.