FAQ-I SheetTopic: _Bo Jackson_
APA Entry:
_Sports Illustrated. 2010 Originals Supplement, p50-54. 5p. 7 Color Photographs. ___
Facts (with page #s)

Arguments (how might you use these facts to accomplish your purpose?)

Questions (what do those facts make you wonder?)

Integrations (what genres might you use to incorporate this into your project?)

He has the fastest time in the 40 (4.12) ever turned in by a football player, college or pro, and bench-presses 400 pounds. (page 51)
In high school Jackson did things like twist his ankle while winning the state title in the triple jump (48' 8") and then come back the same day to set a state record (9.54) in the 100-yard dash (page 51)
As a high school senior Jackson hit .493 with 20 home runs and was drafted by the Yankees, who offered him a $250,000 contract (page 52)
IT ISN'T HARD TO GET "BO" FROM "BOAR HOG," WHICH is what Jackson's eldest brother decided was the only thing as tough as Bo when Bo was only six. (page 52)
Good fact that will go well with proving how he is such a great athlete.
Shows his athleticism outside of the sports he played professionally.
Facts that show the foundation of his baseball career and how he made it to the pros.
Good miscellaneous fact showing where he got his nickname from and why.
How did he get so athletic? Hard work? Natural?
What sport did he like the most?
Was he a dominant athlete from the time he was born?
Did he come from a family of athletes?
Interview, News Article, Persuasive Essay