FAQ-I SheetTopic: _Bo Jackson_
APA Entry:
_U.S. News & World Report. 12/25/95-1/1/96, Vol. 119 Issue 25, p31. 1/9p. 1 Color Photograph.
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Only six courses shy of graduation, Bo Jackson left Auburn University in 1985 for a boffo career in football, baseball and Nike marketing.
Shows how dedicated he is to something, even if it takes a while to complete it.
Shows his good will as he promised his mother and then he went back to get his degree after his sports career.
Why didn’t he just finish up school if he was only 6 courses shy of graduating and getting his degree?
Why did he go to his archival school to finish up his schooling?
Timeline, Interview
Five years ago, he promised his dying mother he would get his degree.
When a hip injury ended his sports career last spring, he just did it, taking correspondence courses -- ironically, from the University of Alabama, Auburn's archrival.
This month, at 32, he received from Auburn a bachelor of science degree in family and child development.